Debut Cosmetics

Debut M7 cordless microneedling system (Professional use only)



The sale of this item is for professionals trained in microneedling.

• Adjustable needle length: From 0.25mm to 2.5mm

• Interchangeable head

• Rechargeable USB Built-in battery

• Cordless

• 6 speed control

• All metal shell body

• CE marked

• Colour : Pink

• Comes with 10 disposable needle heads


Debut M7 cordless micro needling machine function

• Automatic high speed roll, producing twelve/nine delivery channels.

• Various micro-needle mode to stimulate skins collagen products

• Creates micro channels to increase the absorbency of mesotherapy peptides.

• Improve acne scars by upto 60%

• It is a non invasive procedure with minimal down time

• Can be used with PRP treatment, skin rejuvenation and hair rejuvenation serums.

• The micro-needle of depth can be adjusted(0.25mm-2.5mm)

Benefits of microneedling:

• Treats pigmentation

• Shrinks pores

• Lifts and tightens

• Improve wrinkles and fine lines

• Treats acne scars and healing wounds.